Sunday, January 18, 2009

This road is cooler

My daughter came to dinner tonight and I showed her this, as I value her opinion. She thought it looked best upside down. So am posting this version of it. This way the form in the upper right hand corner looks like a person to her, that is playing the violin and it takes on a kinda of African art feel. I love it when others see images in my art!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

One More For The Road

The inspiration. I usually don't sketch it first but this got me going!
The bottom layers using Paper Perfect for texture and acrylic glazes.

The middle layer of collaged pictures and mulberry paper.

The end result. Sketching out an idea really worked this time! I usually just start right in and let the picture lead me. And then I usually get stuck somewhere towards the end
I am calling this One More For The Road. The name has nothing to do with anything in the picture. It is just that I must very soon, start looking for and working at a new job.
After having been in a slump with art work for so long, the thought that soon I wouldn't have all the free time to paint whenever I wanted really motivated me! Which is why I was running up to work on it tonight whenever I had 10 minutes free.
My hubbie very nicely let me keep painting even after he went to sleep, which is why the photo isn't very bright. He appreciates that when the creative mood strikes me I just need to keep going. And he knows that going back to work after more than 4 years is going to be a challenge for me. So, I felt like a child trying to get the most out of the last days of summer. I was happy the whole time I was working on it. I now know, that I can still paint. And that though my life may be changing, I will still have the evenings and weekends to look forward to!