Saturday, August 4, 2012

Poppy's Trees

Recently we ordered a bunch of  trees online, they were a great deal so we went a little crazy and  got a bunch. We picked all the ones I've been dreaming about, including  Redbuds, Japanese maples and white birches. The reason they were  inexpensive was apparent when they arrived, they looked like long sticks with some roots on the bottom. We did this once years ago at our old house and eventually they did become full grown beauties, so I have high hopes.

  We had to hunt up every pot and bucket we owned to get them planted, so now we have a row of little containers with sticks in them.  They aren't ready for the world to see yet, so as they are waiting to bloom, we have them hidden along the back of the house.  For two weeks  I have watered them and finally one of them  has tiny leaves on it- yay! By fall I hope they are strong enough to be placed in the ground and make it on their own.

 I like the idea that they will be planted a few months before the arrival of our first grandchild.  She too is "hiding" for a little while until she grows strong enough to meet the world. Years from now we can show Poppy her trees .....and watch her grow as she plays in their shade.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Importance of Mint in Cucumber Sandwiches.

My new favorite summer sandwich is Mint Cucumber. I have a big patch of mint in the yard and would definitely recommend growing your own as one: its fresh and two: it can be costly to buy.  I tried growing cucumbers this year for the first time and nothing came up. I have learned my lesson, don't buy cheap seeds! It's not worth the time and water when they don't grow for you. Next year I'm ordering seeds from a catalog.

 To make the cucumber sandwiches you wash and peel the cucumbers first, slice off the ends and cut it down the middle length-wise.  Then take a spoon and scrape out all the seeds ( I read that it is the seeds that cause you to burp).  Now lay the cut side down and slice as thinly as possible going across the cucumber so you end up with lots of crescent shaped pieces.  Place these in a bowl and sprinkle with salt and toss to mix.  In your food processor put fresh mint leaves (approximately a loose half cup) add 3-5 heaping tablespoons of real mayonnaise, some salt and pepper and a goodish splash of Worcestershire sauce.  Process until well blended.  Lightly toast some bread and then cut into squares.  Spread each square with the sauce and top with the cucumber slices.

They are delicious and its the mint that makes them taste so good. Very refreshing for a light summer meal and of course I feel very English eating them.  These bring to mind the scene from "The Importance of Being Ernest" which if you haven't seen I would highly recommend the older version, its a classic!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Old Artist trading Cards

 Theatre Drapes ATC
 Twilight Tropical ATC
 Earth ATC's
 Purple Marble ATC
Weekly Jobs ATC

Found these old photo's from a yahoo group I used to be involved in when I was taking my collage classes in 2007.  I had forgotten all about them and was excited that my album was still on there.  Posting them here in case it sadly ever goes away.  Must dig up the cigar box that contains them.  I never did trade any but they were fun to create.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I love this picture, that my cousin Diane lovingly restored. It was taken at my ballet teacher's house to advertise her dance studio. That is 3 of my brothers, who were in tap dance at the time, wearing their costumes from a recital.

My dream at this age was to become a ballerina. I had my whole life planned in 4th grade: it included learning to speak French (we were taught how to write and say the ballet moves) and learning how to play the piano (they went together in my mind).

I started my lessons in an old building that had once been a theater. It had lovely tall windows that looked out on lilac bushes, we saw as we practiced at the barre. Wide wood plank floors and a wall of mirrors opposite the windows, that reflected the sunlight. Off in the corner, at an angle was an old piano, where our teacher's Mom sat and played. It was wonderful to have live accompaniment. She would play soft music as we imagined ourselves being leaves floating down or lively tunes as we practiced our twirling across the whole length of the room.

Some day I will paint that room as it still lives, wrapped in tissue paper, in my memories.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sleeping Seed

My latest oil painting shows me how much I miss my garden right now. Like a seed dreaming in the ground during winter time. So many possibilities in one tiny pod. It carries within it the hope of spring and new life.