Saturday, August 4, 2012

Poppy's Trees

Recently we ordered a bunch of  trees online, they were a great deal so we went a little crazy and  got a bunch. We picked all the ones I've been dreaming about, including  Redbuds, Japanese maples and white birches. The reason they were  inexpensive was apparent when they arrived, they looked like long sticks with some roots on the bottom. We did this once years ago at our old house and eventually they did become full grown beauties, so I have high hopes.

  We had to hunt up every pot and bucket we owned to get them planted, so now we have a row of little containers with sticks in them.  They aren't ready for the world to see yet, so as they are waiting to bloom, we have them hidden along the back of the house.  For two weeks  I have watered them and finally one of them  has tiny leaves on it- yay! By fall I hope they are strong enough to be placed in the ground and make it on their own.

 I like the idea that they will be planted a few months before the arrival of our first grandchild.  She too is "hiding" for a little while until she grows strong enough to meet the world. Years from now we can show Poppy her trees .....and watch her grow as she plays in their shade.


My Journey With Candida said...

I too have a new Granddaughter. Her little fingers and toes are just so tiny.

Congratulations to you Grandma...

Terri said...

thank you, I am so excited to meet her.