Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Easy Overnight Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Whenever I make these cookies, I invariably get asked for the recipe.
I found this years ago in Peg Bracken's "I Hate to Cook Book.."  Which is a very funny book by the way.
I don't often read through a cook book but her book has a great sense of humor.
 When we discovered that my husband was allergic to dairy I started looking for cookie recipes that didn't call for butter.  There aren't a lot of them and I'm a staunch believer in real butter makes for a better cookie.
These are a great example of ones that  taste good, are soft and chewy without the butter.
 Being a bit of night owl, I was also attracted to the idea that you start them the night before, when my brain just works better.
Make a batch, they are super easy and tell me what you think.

Over Night Macaroons

The night before in a covered casserole bowl mix together with a wooden spoon:
4 Cups of Oatmeal
2 Cups of Brown Sugar ( loosely packed unless you like them sweet)
1 Cup of Oil ( canola, corn etc)

Mix it well, using the spoon to chop it until it's well blended.
Cover and leave out on the counter overnight.

The next day in a bowl whip together with a fork:
2 Eggs
1 tsp Salt
1 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract (the original recipe called for Almond extract, which would make it taste more like Macaroons, but I never seem to have it around, so Vanilla works just fine for me}

Add to the oatmeal mixture and stir well.

Scoop out  good-sized mounds, using a tablespoon on to a greased cookie sheet.  They only spread a little during baking.
Bake @325 for 15 minutes.
 Remove from oven and let them sit a few minutes and then remove them
promptly or you will have to chisel them off of the tray.

I like these because the beginning is easy to remember 1 cup oil, double that number, 2 cups of brown sugar, double number again 4 cups of oatmeal.. No need to dig out the recipe and it's half way done the next day.

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Coolrecipe. Sounds easy too. I wo n that cookbook in a giveaway once but fave it to my mil as a gift.