Sunday, April 11, 2010

How much Do I want to do Art???

Well I didn't get the art scholarship I applied for.........a letter came this week telling me so. Surprisingly I was not depressed about this, as I seemed to sense that the timing was not right.
I don't think I wanted it enough and somehow that came through in my letter to the committee. Taking a class I hoped would spur me on with new inspiration and instead this rejection letter, though very kindly worded has had that effect on me. Tonight I went down to my art corner in the basement and was determined to at least finish a painting that I have been fooling around with for weeks. True I didn't feel that total abandonment to just throw caution to the wind and really enjoy myself, so maybe I am a little sad about it. The point is that it got me going again in what I hope is the right direction. I may need more training but I have to at least for now, just keep trying. So I am going to dig out the stack of mat boards and just practice, practice, practice!!