Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Flood of Emotions!!

Felt the need to post some art of my own, since it has been a long time since I have.
These are all old ones and the colors are more vivid in real life. They will have to do for now until I get the chance to create something new. Hope I am getting closer to that time.

Last month we had a natural disaster at our home with the all the rain coming one weekend. It surrounded our house so that it looked like a blue island and our poor basement was flooded.
It has taken an incredible amount of work! Had to replace the hot water heater and furnace. Still ripping out all the drywall and are getting a dumpster this week.

It has been a good opportunity to clear out what we really don't need. We carried tons of stuff up from the basement, the weekend of the storm and have been slowly either finding new homes for it or donating it to a local charity. It has kept me quite busy including a weekly visit to the Laundromat. My nerves are still a little jangled when I think back on it all. There were many bright sides, as friends and neighbors have been so kind and did what they could to help and we really appreciate them all. So slowly bringing my house back to normal - whatever that is = ]

In the meantime I am also looking into finding a part-time job. It has been 4 years since I worked so that will be a change. I know myself well enough to know that changes are hard on me. I tend to do all my worrying up front while trying to keep a positive attitude. A warring mix of emotions. "I am sure it will all work out in the end. " " But what about ?????"

I am thinking of applying at an local art supply store soon. Have the application filled out and need to drop it off. My daughter texted me today and said to drop it like it's hot, which made me laugh. She said it would be a cool place to work at. So steeling my nerves to go in and smile and act confident. Maybe tomorrow.

It certainly would motivate me to create art.
I always feel better when I get started creating and the flood memories may be a good starting place. Lots of blue and things floating...... yes it may be good therapy for me.

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