Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kitchen Art

These are hanging in my kitchen. The brown one was for an oil painting class, in which you had to take all white objects, shine a light on them and paint them in burnt sienna. I actually painted this in my downstairs bathroom, so I could use the fan. It was in winter and I wasn't used to using oils then and was worried about any fumes. It was pretty cozy, the items were on the vanity and my easel just fit in front of it. I was trying to capture the shadows the light cast on them. It was fun and I would like to try another in just one color again.

The second one I did with watercolor pencils. I enjoyed adding water to a brush and blending with it after I colored in the areas. Looking back at it now I wished I would have let more of the colors run together. I went around the petals with black ink afterwards. I framed it to put in the County Fair a year ago and I added some colored papers as "matting" behind it.

If I were to take another class I was thinking about watercolor and inks as fun mediums to play around with. I do like touches of black. Even in decorating my house. I am drawn to pictures in magazines that have cast iron elements or black trim. It just makes the colors seem so much more vibrant. I also like watercolor paintings and have only played with them a little. Maybe that would be a good Christmas present to ask for - another art class. I know I need some kind of inspiration to get me going.

Life seems so busy lately that I actually forgot that I am a member of a Collage Society and have missed the last 3 meetings. Unbelievably busy for me to have let that totally slip my mind. I am going to try to make the December meeting, where they usually have a swap. I'm sure I can find something to bring in amongst all my stashes of fun stuff.

On a different note I have bought some basic knitting supplies and when winter really hits, thought I might try my hand at that. Most likely will make a scarf as that seems easy. I suppose the ultimate would be to get a rocking chair to sit it while working on it too. That does sound Grandmotherly but I have always liked rocking chairs so won't let that stop me.

Yes, the feeling in the air, is that cold weather is coming and need to batten down the hatches and get ready to be warm and snug. I planted 70 bulbs earlier this week ( daffodils and tulips) all in anticipation that spring will once again come around. In the meantime digging out the sweaters and couch throws and mittens. May I have sometime new art wise to show for all the hibernating about to start.

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