Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Book Pages

People collage.

Hopper collage from when Diane and I went to the Art Museum.

Square collage.

Black and white with one color.

Circular composition assignment

Word collage.

These are some of the pages from my Inspiration book ( I book). I made these when I was taking a collage class last winter. They are fun and easy to do. The word one was fun in that I worked on making it say things. I am keeping up with adding to this book more consistently than doing other art work. I have a big box of pictures and scraps I have cut out under my desk. I like to just start pulling out ones that appeal to me at the moment and make a page.
I have been cutting pictures out of magazines for years. It is really amazing what you can learn about yourself after you have a good collection. If you study them you will start to see similarities. For instance that is how I discovered that my real favorite color is blue. I thought it was still purple which was my favorite growing up. I also like cast iron, wainscotting, brick walls inside the house and fashion drawings of women in dresses.
Will take some newer pics of more recent ones and add them at a later date. In the mean time I always keep a big glue stick and my brayer handy.


Ellen said...

i like some of the clothes in the top one, and I like the words one a lot too.

lets go to the art museum!!!

Ellen said...

i have lots to say to you today!

i love your blog!

and, if you ever go to starbucks and don't want to spend $3 or $4whatever on a chai tea latte, ask for a chai tea "misto" ("mee-sto) which is just a chai tea bag/bags with steamed milk, and is cheaper! they might have those at other places too, and they aren't as strong as the latte, but still good.

one of my funniest little coworkers Amelia (tiny, black hair, big tattoes, quietest little low voice, sweetest personality) sometimes says to customers "Yeah, I don't drink that s**t" when talking about the chai latte. She finds it too sweet, and always recommends the chai tea misto. I find it hilarious and appalling that she uses such language about our quality starbucks products!

= )

AND... I have an idea. What if sometime I brought over some Tokheim pottery, and left it there for a while and you did a painting of it?? The colors are so pretty with the blues and a little purple. I thought that would be cool because I love that brown kitchen painting you have so much.

Well, I am now realizing that this should be an email. I'm sure I will find something else to say soon, and will email that.

love ya!

Terri said...

I have a better idea.. bring the pottery and stay and we can paint together. And yes to the art museum....any time... love you too!