Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Art is Healing

This is a picture I drew years ago with charcoal. I was feeling very sad about a loss in my life.
Sitting on my bed one day, I just grabbed my drawing pad and started this without anything particular in mind. I drew the tree and then the rest just flowed out of my heart. My emotions were so strong that I was crying as I drew. I imagined going to this place and leaning against the rock ( on right almost out of pic) to be alone and mourn. I named it "A Place to Weep."

I felt so much better when it was finished. It was comforting to create a space that was there for me, as I was feeling at the moment. Somehow in this setting I was able to accept the sorrow as a part of my life, the pain was softened and it was okay. The mountains in the background were like the future, where the sun was still shining and God was watching over me.

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