Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Art Is Waiting For Me!

I feel it is more interesting to post a pic when I write. And since I haven't found much time to do art, I am showing yet another oldie but goodie! This is one of my very first acrylic paintings done on canvas paper. I think I named it "Misty Waters". I still like the look of it and can remember all the feelings I felt while working on it - which ran along the lines of ..." hey! this is fun...... surprise! maybe I can paint....arrg! why won't this part look right?....oops! should have left that area alone....... hey, this is Fun!"

I miss losing myself in the process of creating art. I am hoping that after this break, I can start again fresh... with new ideas and my art will be bolder, brighter, better!! Maybe take another class? Visit an art museum? Go back to copying pictures I like, as this one was, though I changed it? Take a vacation to somewhere new?
Ohh, like the sound of that one !! I've read of artists whose work was influenced after traveling - though (of course) it was to exciting places like Italy or Paris or even the desert. I may have to stretch that one and see what inspiration I can find in Wisconsin, as I have told my Mom that I will visit after the wedding.

The wedding of my daughter that is, which is now less than 4 weeks away. Everything is moving along, the flowers in my garden are growing, the reply cards are coming in, every thing is bought. Except my own dress, I am working on that one. I will know it when I find it and I remind myself that I only need one and it is out there waiting for me somewhere!

The waterfall reunion I wanted to plan with my family never got off the ground. A very busy summer for every one including me. Maybe I will wander out to the falls some day and take lots of pictures and then make art from those. I 'll bring a sketchbook along and just doodle as I sit beside them and see what happens. Like my dress, art is waiting for me somewhere out there too!

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