Thursday, July 24, 2008

Winning Flowers!!

My flowers on display at the County Fair in the Wednesday flower show.
Since I have been babying these all summer, I thought it would be fun to enter a few.
My two mixed bouquets (pictured) took 2nd and 3 rd place.
My Cosmos took 1st and the Oriental Lilies and Balloon flowers each took 2nd.

It was fun and very easy to do. Much more relaxed than last year when I entered my art. We brought our entries in on Tuesday then Gary and I went yesterday to see if we had won anything. His Lego creation didn't get a ribbon but he was okay with that, this was his first year and he really liked the one that won 1st place. Proud of him for trying and other fun things to do there.

Gary loves to talk to all the men who come to the fair each year.
We stopped and watched a blacksmith who stamped his name on a horseshoe after heating it up over hot coals. The wood carvers with their chisels making art out of logs. The metal engineers with their hand-made creations that move and remind me of miniature oil drills.
The farmers who let him turn a hand grind to get the kernels off of dried corn.

Then there are all the animals - he loves to pet them all.
His favorite is the pig races.
There is a little track set up and the pigs are put in starting blocks and race around to the finish line, where is waiting for the winner an Oreo cookie. The pigs have fun names like Arnold Schwatzenhogger, Hammy Sosa and Brittany Spareribs.

Had our traditional funnel cake and corn on the cob. Yes, a good year at the fair!!

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