Wednesday, May 14, 2008

J for Joy Painting

I have been working on this large canvas for almost 3 years now. It keeps changing and I am still not sure if it is done! It is about feelings.... the tensions we experience and then the resulting emotions when these are expressed. Happy feelings and tensions when we are excited about something and for awhile keep that hidden in our hearts. The most recent additions are the "swirly skies" at the top, which the words from the Painters song I have in my play list, inspired.
It is painted in oils and I love the creaminess of them and how beautifully they blend. I like that they take a while to dry, so that sometimes, if I have to wait until the next day to continue working on an area, I can still have workable colors to play with.
For now I like it as it is, though, I wouldn't be surprised if some day, I want to add to it again!

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