Saturday, May 3, 2008

Woodridge Library Collage Exhibit

Yesterday morning I learned that I had a chance to put some of my artwork in the Woodridge Library art gallery. This was last minute as I hadn't signed up for it but the Collage Society I belong to called to say they needed some more pieces. I ran around collecting any available frames I had. I was able to get 4 pieces done and delivered to them this morning. I was excited to have this opportunity.

I also learned something valuable. Some of the pieces were not particularly my favorites but once they were matted and behind glass they looked a whole lot better.I guess it's like clothes that look good on you but not on the hanger and visa versa.So a pleasant surprise.

I had to come up with titles for these and tried to fit them into the theme of the show, which is Herstory ( aka women - so a fun play on words).

The green one pictured has an image transfer of a woman in a gown and has sentences that say " will I clash with the decor?" etc.
I titled it " How Do I Look?' -(a question every woman asks!)

The red one has leaves in it and so named it "Autumn Song"
( the dance of the leaves we would all like to join in!).

The brown one looks like a jungle and has beads, fibers and wire on it.
I titled it "It's A Jungle Out There!" ( the experience of shopping!).

These plus two others will be in the gallery in the Woodridge Library for the month of May. This is my second show sponsored by the Midwest Collage Society. This time I am planning on going to the show so I can see my art up on the wall. That will be cool and worth all the work!

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