Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wedding Garden Phase 1

I want to document the garden from beginning to end and hope it will have a happy ending.
The site where the garden will be as it looks now. Pulled out some stubborn mint that was taking over that I had planted last year from it. In doing so didn't see the giant bee on one plant and as he didn't care to be squeezed was stung in the palm of my hand. Taping a penny to it does work. So first causality of the project... haha. Will do some more rototilling this weekend so it will be one big triangle and work in some organic material while at it.

The second is some of the plants I have bought that are waiting another week to be planted.. Am looking everyday for the thirty-six plants I ordered from Burpee to arrive on my doorstep.
That will be interesting to see how they pack those for shipping. I will plant, fertilize, mulch and say a silent prayer over it all. Wish me luck!!

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