Wednesday, August 6, 2008

3 Days and Counting !!

Diane, Wendy, Me and Ellen in our basement turned flower shop!
Woke up early and was at the Farmer's Market, 15 minutes after they opened. Hoping there would be lots of flowers and Cathy from Tidey Farms came through for me. There were these big beautiful bouquets and I went crazy and bought tons!! I had to call Dan to bring the VW camping van to bring them all home.
My cousins Diane and Wendy came over and we spent the day separating them all by color into buckets. Wendy very nicely ran to the dollar store to get us some more buckets, as we had every available one filled and there were still more bouquets. Now have 30 buckets of flowers.
My basement has never looked prettier.

Nat and Ellen stopped by and loved them so we took some pictures. We are so excited! It looks like the weather is going to cooperate this weekend - so Hooray!

Tomorrow bouquets, corsages, boots, Friday centerpieces and Rehearsal. Saturday - Wedding!! They look so happy!!

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