Monday, August 25, 2008

Wedding Decorations

OK - I admit it - the wedding is still one of my favorite subjects. Pictures are coming in that I haven't seen before and it's fun to relive the day. This is the cake, which was 6 layers, each a different flavor and was delicious. It was made by a friend and he did a great job. Thanks Peter!

The green hydrangea's and apples looked cool around it. The apples were a surprise from Tim for Ellen. Way back, when she first started planning the wedding, she had thought of using them as place markers at each of the tables. They were to have a burgundy ribbon tied to the stem, with a tag that had their names and date on it. Then when she realized that we would need 300 of them, that idea was sadly dropped. She liked the surprise.

The blue vase is one of the 30 made by Diane, me, Wendy and Luanne ( the mother of the groom). She had stopped by when they got into town, the day before the wedding and was very excited to come and help make some of the arrangements. At the end of the wedding, we gave away bouquets of flowers. Luanne brought back the blue vases to Minnesota to use at the reception they had for Nat & Ellen there and to my great delight, tied on the 20 tags I had made to each one.

Just saw the newlyweds this weekend, at the last wedding of the season. We had 5 to go to this summer. This one was for her Maid of honor and she was the Matron of Honor at hers on Sunday. So funny to hear her called that name. Married 2 weeks, they are so fun to watch together. They get such joy from being together.

The boys started school this week and I am going to help Diane with organizing her art room. I decided that since she and Wendy were so great in helping me with the wedding, that they should each pick a project we can help each other with. So tomorrow, it's the art room. A fun place to be - so will enjoy it.


Ellen said...

can you believe that cake?!?!?


and i love that photo of it, it's one of the best ones because it shows the color well, and i like the lights in the background. is that one that you took?

Terri said...

I love that picture too. I think i got it off of facebook so maybe Derek or Peter??