Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Art is coming around the corner.

A note to self - start creating art again!
I am really looking forward to getting back into painting and collage. Hoping that this long break will give me a fresh outlook and some new ideas.

I realize this blog has turned into a gardening /wedding journal . I hereby promise that the next entry ( or maybe the third ) will be about art again.
This is mostly to myself that I am talking here.

Joined Facebook and have found that to be really fun and a great way to see photo's.
Boys first full week of school so back to lunches and homework.
Garden still needs attention. Labor Day and Hubbies B-day coming up.
Ellen will be home to finish packing up stuff.
Thinking of having a garage sale to clear out the basement.

Yep a few things to keep me busy. Somewhere in there though, art will be done!
Ok - good! Got that off my chest.
Now I need to go and make dinner.

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