Thursday, August 21, 2008

Looking Back at those who made it happen!

Zina, Wendy and Diane who used every last flower and they were beautiful!
Tim on the left who coordinated the whole wedding and did a spectacular job decorating! Just look at the bridal table behind him. Cheryl on the right who along with her husband worked so hard to get everything done. It is days after the wedding and I am still so thankful to them all. I told Cheryl that when one of her other daughter's gets married I will be there, she laughed and said we are going to tell them to elope! Her daughter had a wedding at this exact spot 2 months earlier and Tim also helped with that. He is quite simply super-man!

Diane, Wendy and Zina stayed at my house while we went to the rehearsal and the dinner afterwards working on the flowers. When I came home they were just finishing the last ones. It was a wonderful sight and I can't brag about them enough!

I asked someone " how do you thank someone for being so good to you? " She replied that they don't expect anything in return, they are just doing it because they care for you.
I am feeling very cared for at this moment - it is a nice warm fuzzy feeling!

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