Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh what a Day !!!

It is the day after my daughter's wedding and I am feeling so happy that I can't stop smiling. I can't wait to see all the pictures from it.
Am sharing this one from the rehearsal. Pastor Judy, standing to the left had come to the part where she would say "you can now kiss your bride" and said they could practice if they wanted. This was how Nat responded and we all whooped. Ellen was fanning her face when she was standing again... woooh.. think this will be a good marriage!

The wedding was wonderful!! So many special moments.
The ceremony took place in a meadow and when I walked down before it was to start, it was wonderful to see all the smiling faces of friends and family gathering there.
It had rained cats and dogs 3 hours before so the woods smelled so green and fresh

The music was playing, a violin and piano and it was just magical.
Bryan escorted me down the aisle and then the parents went up and lit two candles under a wooden trellis that was draped with gauzy fabric blowing in the breeze and had branches interwoven on the top.

The bridesmaids were met at the bridge by each groomsmen and came down the grassy aisle carrying the bouquets my cousins had made and parted at the kneeling bench and stood on either side of the trellis.

Gary did a great job carrying the ring pillow and looked so handsome in his little suit with Elsa the flower girl (who is 3 ) scattering the rose petals from her basket. When they came to the front, she started to follow Gary as he sat down by me and I whispered to her to go and sit with her family. She turned and saw her smiling Mom beckoning to her and spread the flowers all the way to her seat - it was so sweet.

Then I rose to lead everyone in singing "Seek ye first". Ellen has always wanted that sung at her wedding. We turned and saw her come across the bridge where Dan was waiting for her. She looked so beautiful with flowers in her hair and I was so proud of them both as they came down.

They stopped just in front of Pastor Judy and stayed with arms linked as Grandpa Seis read and Grandpa Eldon led us in singing. These would be her last moments with just our family before she began a new family with her husband. It was very meaningful to me. I was looking at them and feeling a mixture of love and sadness that she was leaving us. Then I looked over at Nat and felt secure in the knowledge that he would take good care of our girl.

The bride was then given away and Dan shook his hand and put Ellen's hand in his and came and sat down beside me.

When Nat was saying his vows to Ellen, his face was shining with love and the sound of his voice when he came to the part where he said he would never leave her, made me cry happy tears.

Yes it was a wonderful wedding! Afterwards I followed the bridal party down and went across the bridge and up the steps and there they all were all lined up. I felt so thankful to them all for making this such a special, special day that I said I have to hug you all . I was smiling and crying and feeling oh so happy for Nat and Ellen.

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