Saturday, April 19, 2008

Art In Your Hand

I like making ATC's, though I have yet to swap one! There is something about little pieces of art that are so intriguing. Anything miniature that you can hold in your hand and examine up close just seems to connect you to it. This cigar box I decorated, seems just the place for them. I get them out once in awhile when I need to be "near" my art.

I was so excited the day I found this website, it is chock full of info on how to make them. I would like to formally thank the wonderful person who took the time to put all this great inspiration online. ( If the URL doesn't work - try doing a search with "how to make ATC")

I keep a box under my desk where I put all the little scraps from my latest creation. They can be the "right" touches needed for artist trading cards. Sometimes I have grabbed a handful and given myself the task of making art out of just those pieces. I pretend I am the teacher and the student (and therefore can change the "rules" as I go along! ) I challenge myself to really see differently, things that may at first, not seem to go together. One day when the box is over-flowing, I may swap some but for now they bring me joy!


april said...

I have not done these in a long time but sure did enjoy them. I have a couple of articles on "inchies" too. With scraps, starting with one big enough for a background, making little 1" or 1-1/2" collages! They're so cute! ...April

Terri said...

"Inchies" is a cute name that fits them well! Have also used the scraps to make cards for family...Terri