Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ellen's Gift

Before and after shots of painting I am working on right now. The bottom layer has dress pattern pieces, mailing envelopes, string and fine pumice gel which I scratched into while wet.
After it dried, I mixed silk paints and acrylics in gels to make glazes.

The lines that show through reminds me of sheet music, which reminds me of my daughter who is an amazing musician. Her piano playing can make me cry sometimes, it is so beautiful! I wrote a poem years ago that she inspired and dedicated to her with love from Mom!

"Piano music speaks to me - touches chords of my heart.
Sends them vibrating among my senses
floating on tinkling waves.

It is a language that is felt
a sweetness too keen
a softness so comforting!

I am swept from lofty peaks - on clouds of vibrant color
Quivering on breezes of sound
pattern on pattern intertwining with each other."


april said...

a beautiful poem and lovely tribute to your daughter. ...April

Terri said...

Thank you April -She is always inspiring me! It was her idea that I start this blog so fitting. Terri

shauna said...

Oh WOW, Terri! This painting blows me away! NOW that's the color palette I use a lot of the time! You made the colors look so rich and vibrant! You know how you described your daughters piano playing being so beautiful and touches you in a certain way that it can make you cry? Well, that's often how I feel about not only music but about color-particularly those colors in your painting! Royal purples, Royal blue, Rich magenta, greens, and teals-I always wish I could just roll around in them! Not the paint but the actual energy of the colors! I love your poem too! I'm sure it meant a great deal to your daughter!

Terri said...

Shauna - Bright colors are the most fun, aren't they?! Like the thought you have of them having energy. There is something about them, that makes me feel happy. The glazes are something new I am trying and I like them a lot! - Terri

Tammi said...

Again you blow me away.I love these colors they make me want to get up and dance!! The poem is beautiful as well which is fitting for a beautiful young woman.Love you Tammi

Terri said...

Tammi - will have to make you something with bright colors. I just love them! love Terri