Monday, April 14, 2008

Waterfall Memories

These are the waterfalls, as we called them, that I grew up near. My siblings and cousins and I walked across them many times. We were wise for children, as the "rule" was to sit on the edge and place one foot down and if the water was high over your foot, we didn't try. When the water was low and just barely covered the top of our feet then we would go across.

We lived next to the river and by walking along it thru neighbors backyards we would come up to the left of this bridge. When you stand on the bridge and look to the right, you see the falls. Very pretty.
Have many happy memories of summers here. Would come to the falls as a teenager when I was sad or needed to think. Just sitting by the water was soothing.
We have recently learned that our falls are going to be taken down next spring. It is the DuPage River and the thorium pollution has long been a concern. We are all sad about this. We plan to have a reunion there this summer to say good-bye to them and take pics. Sometimes when you are about to lose something ,is when you realize how much it means to you.


Tammi said...

So many wonderful memories here.I used to do the same thing when I would be upset the falls just draw you in and soothe your soul.I stil go by the water when I am troubled but its never the same as the Warrenville falls.Im glad you let us know about them tearing them down, a last reunion will be nice but I think due to the reason they are taking them down we just might skip the crossing of them : (.

Terri said...

Tammi, Funny, I had the same thought. I took Ellen there when she was 12 and Bryan was 6 and she knew the stories of our walking across them. So she said" let's try it!" I was like, ohhh, I don't know if that would be safe ( a Mom talking now)....but we did it! The water was low and the kids loved it but I was nervous. After all Mom never crossed them with us but she did when she was a girl too. Good memories!