Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Garden Room

I made this during a recent collage class. It is on watercolor paper using acrylic paint and some drawings from my sketchbook (I like drawing flowers and leaves).
Also some found papers from an old math book and maps . The white "netting" is paper that our teacher shared with us and reminds me of a trellis. After we completed it, we trimmed the edges with an exacto knife. I liked how it seemed to finish off the sides. I have problems with getting my corners to look right. At home, I decided to make a second piece since I still had lots of the papers left. I included the scraps I had cut off and layered the first piece on top.

I have just joined a yahoo art group called "arttechniques" and they have been most welcoming! I created a folder on it with some of my art work, including this one.
To my happy surprise when I was just looking in, I discovered they have chosen this to be this weeks home page art! I was so excited to be honored this way that I threw up my arms and yelled Yahoo!! (How fitting = ) .

I named it "Garden Room" because it reminds me of the room I shared growing up with my sister. Her favorite color was pink and mine was purple, so our room was a mix, that did look like a garden!


Tammi said...

Awe Im so happy for you , that must have been exciting to be acknowledged for your talent.Fair judges have no taste or an eye for true talent do they.Once again I am very proud of you, your work is incredible.I like the name of this one and the colors of course.Keep up the good work.Love Tammi

Bryan said...

Hey Tammi - I am really, really glad that you like this one since it reminded me of you! Our room was pretty and everyone likes this color combination! Who knew = ) love Terri

Terri said...

Man, can't believe I did Bryan's twice before I noticed it. oh well.