Friday, April 11, 2008

Think In Three's

This is my first piece of art to hang in a show.
It is at the Downer's Grove Library, who have a wonderful gallery and I am excited to be a part of it!
I created this to be interactive for the children.
It is a game. You try to think of a word that describes each group. You Think in Three's.
There are no wrong answers. For ex: " two, ten, three" can be numbers, ages, time etc.
I painted each section on rice paper, mailing envelopes and brown wrapping paper and then collaged them onto the canvas.
The show is called "Alphabetica" and is sponsored by The Midwest Collage Society. The artists each chose a letter and created a picture using it.
I chose the letter T for my first name. As I thought about it lots of words popped into my mind and this is the result.


april said...

Very nice - what a fun piece! ...April

Terri said...

Thank you April! I like games as much as art! - Terri

Tammi said...

I bet the kids enjoyed this one.I like the letter T as well lol.Love Tammi

Terri said...

This piece is now at the Woodridge Library so I hope the kids there like it too. Love Terri